Bags and Purses

 Bags, purses, and other accessories.  Authentic hand bags and other items from top brands!


Bid Vouchers

 Bid vouchers are packages of bids that you can bid on with your existing bids.  When you when the voucher, you win that number of bids.  Think of it as a way of extending the number of bids you have!  Visit our bid vouchers section to see the types of bid packages we auction.



Current auctions for consumer electronics, including laptops, tablets like the iPad, MP3 players, Samsung and Apple iPhone mobile phones, consoles and games.  For a complete list of all consumer electronics offered in AnniesBid auctions, visit our Electronics Catalogue section.


Gift Cards

Current auctions for gift cards for electronics, dining, travel and gifts, as well a stored value VISA and American Express cards.  For a complete list of all gift cards offered in AnniesBid auctions, visit our Gift Card Auction Catalogue section.


Home Goods

From cooking to cleaning to gardening, AnniesBid offers a wide range of Home Goods auctions: iRobot vacuums, KitchenAid Artisan mixers, Cuisinart blenders, the multi-purpose tools like the Leatherman, and much more.  For a complete list of all Home Goods we offer, visit our Home Goods Catalogue section.



Jewelry & Accessories

 Necklaces, earings, watches, bracelets, and pins.


Ladies Luxury Escape

These items are special for the Ladies Luxury Escape on May 5, 2012!



Current auctions for office products, from computers, printer and copiers to furniture, supplies and other items.  For a complete list of all gift cards offered in AnniesBid auctions, visit our Office Products Catalogue section.



Current auctions for recreational products: sports, fitness, outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and hunting, and adventure travel.  For a complete list of all recreational products offered in AnniesBid auctions, visit our Recreation Product section.



Toys, games and activities available at auction and deep discounts at AnniesBid.  For a full listing of toys and games, including educational toys, gaming consoles, board games, card games and more, visit our Toys and Games section.